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 Our Farm is Closed for the 2020 season.  We wish all a Happy & Healthy winter and look forward to seeing you again in Autumn of 2021

Because we have a lot of children comming to the farm, NO PETS ARE ALLOWED

Sutter's Ridge Farm Apple Cabin

Don't forget to save time during your fall festival visit for a cup of apple cider served either warm or cold in our cozy cabin orchard shop.  You can enjoy a tasty homemade pumpkin bar or fresh cider donut.  You can find information and get recommendations on our different apple varieties .  Preserves are available made by us in small batches from fruit grown on our farm, harvested at peak ripeness for ultimate flavor. 

Apple Cider - We offer our Sutter's Ridge un-pasturized apple cider while supply lasts.  Sutter's Ridge Apple Cider is pressed fresh every week.  Depending on customer crowd size, we can sell out of our Apple Cider early.  Apple Cider can also be purchased by the cup both hot or cold at $2.00/cup. We also offer pasturized apple cider from Poyer's Orchard in Fort Atkinson by the gallon or half gallon.

Apple Cabin Bakery Items

Homemade Apple Cider Donuts - Yep, that right, we make 'em ourselves when were open Thurs - Sunday in the Apple Cabin.  Since were often making them as we sell them, we usually can keep ahead of demand.  BUT we may run out by 3:30pm on Thurs & Fri.  And though it happens rarely, on a beautiful sunny autumn weekend, when everyone wants to come to the orchard we may need to limit the amount each person can get to a half dozen.  So far, the only times we've needed to limit donut sale amounts have been when only 1 weekend day (Sat or Sunday) is gorgeous and the other weekend day is rainy.  So, the tip here is to come when the weather is NOT a picture perfect autumn day to get all the Apple Cider Donuts to your hearts content.

Sutter's Orchard Caramel Apples - Also made by us in the Apple Cabin, our caramel apples are made with our fresh, juicy apples and homemade caramel made by Guth's in Waupon Wi.  Juicy tangy apple with sweet buttery caramel - you bet its the real thing!

Julie's Homemade Pumpkin Bar with Cream Cheese Frosting - I'd already been selling at the Dane County Farmers Market for many years before deciding to sell my Pumpkin Bars.  For those of you who know Matt, you know how crazy he is for Pumpkin Bars.  They're was no way, I was going to be able to sell anything but THE BEST Pumpkin Bar around.  After many recipe trials, we came up with my Matt approved Pumpkin Bars - Delicious!


For those cool autumn days you can relax by the woodstove in our Apple Cabin and enjoy an autumn treat.