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In the Autumn, Sutter's Ridge has U-pick Apples, Pumpkins, Grapes (seedless table & wine), Raspberries and Aronia for your enjoyment!  Check our facebook page for up-to-date information on picking conditions and availablity

Sutter's Ridge is closed for the season.  We look forward to seeing you again in autumn 2019

Because we have a lot of children comming to the farm, NO PETS ARE ALLOWED


U-Pick Apples

Apple varieties are available for U-Pick once they ripen.  We have 25 different varieties, with ripening dates from Mid-August thru October to supply you with delicious apples thru the full autumn season.  Check our Apple Orchard page for more information and availability.  Pre-picked apples are also available in our apple cabin in the fall.  Pre-Picked apple info is listed on ourApple Orchard page.

U-Pick Apple Prices

All Varieties  - $1.15 per pound


We accept cash or check, we DO NOT accept credit or debit card.  There is an ATM available in the apple cabin, but please note it has a $2.50 service fee







U-Pick Pumpkins

With 6 acres of many different pumpkin varieties, your sure to pick the perfect pumpkin just for you!  You can either walk to the pumpkin patch or take the tractor pulled wagon ride to the U-Pick pumpkin patch.  Wagon rides cost $1.00/person or if purchasing an activity area and/or corn maze pass, the wagon ride is included in the pass.  Check the Corn maze/Activity Area page for information on additional fall activity passes.  On Thurs & Friday, the wagon ride goes out on the hour, with the 1st wagon leaving at 11am.  On weekends, the wagon ride to the patch will run a continuous loop.  Sutter's Ridge reserves the right to close the wagon ride due to inclement weather (heavy rain, thunder, lightning, severe wind and excessive slippery mud conditions) without advance notice in order to protect our customers and employees.  Pre-Picked Pumpkins will also be available at the apple cabin.  Check thePumpkin Patch page for more information.

U-Pick Pumpkin Prices

All U-Pick Pumpkins are $0.35/pound with a maximum price of $8.50/pumpkin

Weather conditions can change rapidly and field conditions can become wet and muddy.  We recommend you wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting a little muddy.  Check the Pumpkin Patch page for more information.  Many people choose to combine pumpkin picking with the activity area and/or corn maze.  Check the Corn Maze/Activity Area page for more information.

We accept cash or check, we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards.  There is an ATM (with a $2.50 service fee) available in the apple cabin.







U-Pick Grapes

We grow a variety of table and wine grapes.  Our seedless table grapes usually ripen late Aug thru early September and our wine grapes ripen Mid-September.  We also have the old-time favorite Concord grapes, which add color and flavor to any jam, salads and compliment any favorite cheese and cracker plate.

U-Pick Grape Prices  --PICKED OFF THE VINE FOR 2018---

All U-Pick grapes are $1.00/pound

It is easy to pick our grapes.  We will tell you which grapes are ripe and ready and give you a handy vineyard map to take with you along with clippers to pick to your hearts content.  When done picking, just bring the grapes back to a scale to weigh them.

We accept cash or check, we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards.  There is an ATM (with $2.50 service fee) available in the apple cabin.







U-Pick Aronia

You can think of Aronia as the King Kong of anti-oxidant berries.  Aronia freezes perfectly in a freezer bag.  Just wash, dry and transfer into a freezer bag and grab a handful at any time to toss in the blender.  Wth a strong berry/astrigent flavor many choose to combine aronia with other berries or apple juice to both tame its taste and lend a strong berry punch to smoothies, juice blends and jams.

U-Pick Aronia Prices  ---PICKED OFF THE BUSHES FOR 2018---

Easy to pick, Aronia is only $2.00/pint.  Containers are provided.

We accept cash or check.  We DO NOT accept credit or debit cards.  There is an ATM (with $2.50 service fee) inside the apple cabin

U-Pick Raspberries --PICKED OFF THE PLANTS FOR 2018--

We have autumn red raspberries which start ripening late August, have a Mid-September peak season and will then continue to ripen slowly til frost.  Best picking conditions tend to be on Thursdays after the patch has Mon-Wed to rest and re-ripen after the prior weekend picking.  We are transitioning our patch over to the 'Heritage' variety which is one of the latest varieties to ripen and will extend our peak raspberry season into late September.   For 2018, our patch will be down in size until the newly planted rows are at full bearing potential (2019).  Once in season, check our facebook page for picking condition updates.

U-Pick Raspberry Prices

$4.00 per pint.  Containers are provided.  You must pick using the containers we provide.

Never leave your berries in the car too long.  You'll want to cool them as soon as possible after picking.  Raspberries are very perishable, so you will want to refrigerate them and use as soon as possible after picking.  Raspberries can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.  Luckly, they are one of the best berries for freezing.  To freeze raspberries, wash them gently and be sure they drain well.  Gently place them on an absorbant towel and pat gently to dry.  Take a cookie tray with raised edges and place berries in a single layer on the tray.  Place to cookie sheet in the freezer, keeping it level, and freeze berries until solid, usually 6-7 hours.  Once solid remove the berries from the tray and transfer into freezer bags.  Remove as much air as possible from the freezer bag before sealing.  You can use a straw to help suck the air out of the bag.

Berry Quantities

1 pint = 2 Cups

8 pints = 1 gallon 

For Pie, 2 pints (4 cups) raspberries are needed for a 9" pie

We accept cash or check, we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards.  There is an ATM (with $2.50 fee) inside the apple cabin