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Sutter's Ridge Farm is open Thurs Oct 25th thru Sunday Oct 28th 10am-5pm.  Sunday Oct 28th will be our last day open for the season. 

We invite you to join us this harvest season and let Sutter's Ridge help create your lasting family memories.

Because we have a lot of children comming to the farm, NO PETS ARE ALLOWED

We accept cash or check, we DO NOT accept credit or debit card.  There is an ATM available in the apple cabin, but be aware it has a $2.50 service fee


Admission to the Activity Area is only $4.00 per adult and child 2yrs and older

(Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch is included in the Activity Area Admission at no extra charge)

The Activity Area is ment to be an interactive experience for everyone.  It includes a tricycle track, mini-maze, giant hay pile to climb, goats, rabbits, chicks, yard games, tee-pee, discovery barn, toy train house, play house, barbie play house, duck races and sandpile .  There are picnic tables and benches in the Activity Area, but everyone is welcome to bring a blanket to take a break on the grassy slope.


















Admission to the 4 Acre Corn Maze is only $4.00 per adult and child 2yrs and older

(Hayride is included in the Corn Maze Admission at no extra charge)

The Corn Maze takes 45 minutes to 1 hours to complete when walking at an average pace.  The location of the Corn Maze on the farm changes every year to work within our scheduled crop rotation.  Many years the Corn Maze location is within an easy walk, but for some years (including 2018), it is preferably by most folks to take the Hayride to the Corn Maze.  On Thursdays and Fridays, the Hayride goes out to the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze on the hour with the 1st Hayride leaving at 11am.  On saturday and Sunday, the Hayride will run a continuous loop.  Sutter's Ridge reserves the right to close the Hayride due to inclement (nasty) weather (heavy rain, thunder/lightning, severe wind and/or excessivly slippery muddy conditions) without advance notice in order to protect our customers and employees.  Weather conditions can change rapidly and field conditions can become wet and muddy.  We recommend you wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting a little muddy.









Combination (Combo) Admission to the Activity Area and C orn Maze is $6.00/adult & child 2 yrs and older

(Hayride is included in the Corn Maze Admission at no extra charge)













 Sutter's Ridge LLC          2074 Sutter Drive, Mt Horeb WI 53572         608-832-6445



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Julie, Matt, Zach, Morgan and Taya Sutter