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Celebrate Autumn !

Sutter's Ridge Farm is CLOSED FOR 2021.

Thank you to everyone who came and visited the farm, and we wish you a happy and healthy winter ahead.

We look forward to seeing you again for the 2022 Autumn harvest season.

Sutter's Ridge is open Thurs - Sunday, 10am - 5pm in September & October 

In the Autumn, Sutter's Ridge has U-pick Apples, Pumpkins, Grapes (seedless table & wine), Raspberries and Aronia for your enjoyment!  Check our facebook page for up-to-date information on picking conditions and availablity

Because we have a lot of children comming to the farm,


Apple varieties are available for U-Pick once they ripen.  We have 25 different varieties, with ripening dates from Mid-August thru October to supply you with delicious apples thru the full autumn season.  Check our Apple Orchard page for more information and availability.  Pre-picked apples are also available at our farm stand in the fall.  Pre-Picked apple info is listed on ourApple Orchard page.

U-PICK APPLES - HAVE BEEN PICKED OFF THE TREES FOR 2021  Check the APPLE PAGE for up-to-date picking conditions

U-PICK PUMPKINS We have a great crop of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch this year and the patch is LOADED with beautiful pumpkins!!! The cost per pumpkin is $0.40 cents per pound with a $3.00 minimum and $9.00 maximum cost per pumpkin.   Weather conditions can change rapidly and field conditions can become wet and muddy.  We recommend you wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting a little muddy.  Check the Pumpkin Patch page for more information.  Many people choose to combine pumpkin picking with the activity area and/or corn maze.  Check the Corn Maze/Activity Area page for more information.


U-Pick Grapes have been picked off the vines for 2021

We grow a variety grapes.  Our wine grapes ripen Early September.  Ripening Mid - September, we have the old-time favorite Concord grapes, which add color and flavor to any jam, salads and compliment any favorite cheese and cracker plate.

All U-Pick grapes are $1.50/pound

It is easy to pick our grapes.  We will tell you which grapes are ripe and ready and give you a handy vineyard map to take with you along with clippers to pick to your hearts content.  When done picking, just bring the grapes back to a scale to weigh them.


U-Pick Aronia have been picked off the bushes for 2021

You can think of Aronia as the King Kong of anti-oxidant berries.  Aronia freezes perfectly in a freezer bag.  Just wash, dry and transfer into a freezer bag and grab a handful at any time to toss in the blender.  Wth a strong berry/astrigent flavor many choose to combine aronia with other berries or apple juice to both tame its taste and lend a strong berry punch to smoothies, juice blends and jams.

U-Pick Aronia Prices 

Easy to pick, Aronia is only $2.00/pint.  Containers are provided.

U-Pick Raspberries have been picked off the bushes for 2021

We have autumn red raspberries which start ripening in September with a late September peak season.  After Peak, our raspberries will then continue to ripen slowly til frost.  Best picking conditions tend to be on Thursdays after the patch has Mon-Wed to rest and re-ripen after the prior weekend picking.

Raspberry Season Development

Many of you who have picked here over the years have seen our raspberry patch reduce from 2+ acres to our present 1/2 acre patch.  Also many have noticed we've switched over our entire patch to a later bearing variety and wondered why.  All thru the US, including northern states like Wisconsin, we have a new invasive small fruit fly called SWD.  SWD is NOT harmful to people.  At this point in time, eradication of SWD is impossible without using intensive sprays, either organic or conventional.  Since raspberries in particular are like little sponges, controlling the flies thru spray does NOT fit within the environmental choices we make on our farm.  (There is nothing we grow that we do not eat, and we eat A LOT of it!)  SWD adults prefer warm temperatures and can complete a generation in as little as 8-9 days.  While still active in the cooler fall weather, they’re production drops.  We have decided to control the SWD population by reducing the patch size to guarantee the entire patch is picked bone dry clean by Sunday evening. If any SWD is still present in berries, they are killed by 2-3 days of refrigeration or freezing. This means our best picking will always be on Thursday & Friday, after the patch has had a 3 day rest to re-ripen.  If looking to pick large quantities for freezing/jam, you should always plan to pick on Thurs or Friday.  We do not take reservations for raspberry picking since it’s logistically impossible the gauge with rain, how the raspberries produce differently each week and the varying quantities each picker actually picks. The berries continue to re-ripen, but by the weekend, the supply will always be more appropriate for pleasure picking (1 or 2 pints for fresh eating). By Sunday afternoon, it will take a sizable stroll to pick a pint. If a more acceptable control method is discovered in the future (trapping, beneficial species, etc), we will expand our patch again at that time.  But so far, despite many efforts none has been found.


You must pay for the raspberries you pick.  Raspberries are $4.50/pint and you must pre-purchase our containers to pick our raspberries.  You can NOT use your own containers.  We are allowing children to pick, but they must be under your supervision at all times.  A note to parents with toddlers; we have found over the years that young children often do not last long at raspberry picking.  If planning on picking more that a pint or 2, please be mindful.

After Picking Care.  Fresh raspberries are perishable.  They must be refrigerated as soon as possible.  Never leave them in a hot car or out on the kitchen counter.  DON'T wash the berries until your ready to use them.  It washes off the thin protective epidermal layer.    

U-Pick Raspberry Prices

$4.50 per pint.  Containers are provided.  You must pick using the containers we provide.

Berry Quantities

1 pint = 2 Cups

8 pints = 1 gallon 

For Pie, 2 pints (4 cups) raspberries are needed for a 9" pie

Cash is best.  We are a small farm and have only 2 credit card terminals.  Also there is a 3.5% fee added onto all credit card transactions..  There is an ATM (with $2.50 fee) inside the apple cabin